Patjepeeërs and uitvreters*! Geinponems and geitenbreiers! Yoghurtdrinkers and maleiers! Welcome to Bar Mokum! Mokum, derived from Yiddish and meaning ‘safe haven,’ is slang for Amsterdam. Hence, Bar Mokum serenades the city, its citizenry, and visitors from afar, its rebellious yet inclusive nature. Come and enjoy classy cocktails, but without the pompousness. As much as possible, we use Dutch spirits & liquors and try to benefit from local products and produce. And we’ll accompany it all with some old school hip-hop, funk, soul, jazz, and the occasional typical Dutch ballad. But keep it cool, or else you can take a hike. 

We are proud to serve you cocktails, mocktails and other refreshing and invigorating drinks, categorized according to the city’s motto: heroic, compassionate, determined.
Come and enjoy classy cocktails, but without being snobby about it. Our products are mainly Dutch distilled, local just from around the corner, the city or somewhere from the polder.

At Bar Mokum, we offer a wide selection of delicious bar snacks that perfectly complement your drinks. From the popular bitterballen to a tasty cheese platter and a refreshing shrimp cocktail, we have something for everyone. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy!


Habbelebabs /

Pornstar Martini style / €14

Bols vodka, passion, vanilla, peach, orange blossom, egg white.


Apekop / Mai Tai style / €14

Rum, banana, almond, lime, allspice, absinth.


Mokkeltje /

Gin Basil Smash style / €14

Gin, pomegranate, basil, lime, Champagne.


Gleuvenrijder /

Espresso Martini style /  €14

Bols vodka, salted caramel, espresso.


Damrakkertje /

Gin & Tonic style / €14

Damrak Gin, cucumber, lime, celery, elderflower, tonic.



Graftak / 

Old Fashioned style / €14

Bols barrel aged genever, peated malt, px, chocolate bitter.


Tortelduiffie /

Negroni style / €14

Damrak gin, red vermouth, cherry, Galliano lʼaperitivo.


Gladjanus /

Negroni Sbagliato style /  €14

Galliano lʼaperitivo, orange juice, red vermouth, Champagne.



Komt wel goed schatje /

Margarita style / €14

Tequila blanco, hibiscus, pomegranate, lime.

(kohmt well Good sGuh-cheh)

Wortel schieten / Whiskey Sour style /  €14

Scotch, peated malt, carrot, walnut, egg white.

(woar-tell sGeet-en)

Citroentje / Vodka Collins style / €14

Bols vodka, lemon, triple sec, kaffir lime leaf.


Rauwdouwer / Dark ‘n Stormy style / €14

Rum, lime, kumquat, cucumber, Thomas Henry ginger beer.



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Come to Bar Mokum and uncover the secrets behind the bar! Let our experienced cocktail experts guide you as you mix and shake the most delicious drinks with your team. Learn the art of crafting the best cocktails and enjoy an unforgettable experience!

Duration of the workshop: ±1,5 hours and 3 cocktails

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Of course! Get ready for a spectacular cocktail workshop where you’ll learn all about mixing and shaking 5 delicious drinks. Discover the secrets behind creating classic and trendy cocktails and enjoy a cozy atmosphere with your friends, family, or colleagues. This workshop is perfect for those looking to take their cocktail skills to the next level and experiment with new flavors and combinations. Be prepared to be surprised and enjoy an unforgettable afternoon full of fun and creativity.

Duration of the workshop: ±2,5 hours and 5 cocktails

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We treat guests to old school hospitality and table service for cocktails and small food platters. Reservations can be made up to 90 days in advance. If a date is fully booked, you may like to try your luck at the door for a walk-in table. Please note, our bar has an over 18 policy.
Opening hours:

Sunday till Thursday: 17:00 – 01:00

Friday and Saturday: 17:00 – 02:00


Discover the secret art of cocktail creation at Bar Mokum! In this magical book filled with stunning photos, we reveal our most beloved cocktail recipes for you to recreate at home. An absolute must-have for your coffee table, nestled among your cookbooks, or as the perfect gift for cocktail enthusiasts. Get inspired and impress your friends with your newfound mixology skills!


Wanna get some work, work, work, work, work done? We’re hiring almost all year ‘round – just take a look at our job vacancies and send us an email. 


Bar Mokum is looking for a new team of bartenders that have passion for cocktails. You will be working next to Leroy who is the owner of the bar and a national champion with a published book. Bar Mokum is the highest rated cocktail bar in the city, so you have to be up for a challenge and love to work in a busy environment with a smile. Experience min 1 year behind the bar and basic knowledge of cocktails is a must. Please fill in the form below. 


Wij zoeken leuke, flexibele, enthousiaste, parttime/fulltime (16 tot 40hr pw) collega’s voor in de bediening (vloeiend Nederlands en Engels). Bij deze hotspot kom je terecht in een jong, gezellig team met variabele werktijden (dag- en weekenddiensten). Bij Bar Mokum kunnen onze gasten van ‘s middags tot ‘s nachts terecht voor allerlei heerlijke cocktails, mocktails, snacks en een goede dosis Hip-Hop, funk, soul! Heb je affiniteit met cocktails, ben je energiek, servicegericht, gemotiveerd, collegiaal, representatief en hou je van gezelligheid? Vul dan het formulier in, voeg je CV toe en we nemen zo snel mogelijk contact met je op.

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